About Me

My Background

The Plot In You - Milwaukee, WI 3/3/19

For as long as I can remember, my most aspiring dream has been seeing the world through music. Traveling the country showing people beautiful things some close friends of mine and myself have created. Gaining a connection everywhere I went with people who could really relate to us.

After years of trial and error i realized there has got to be other ways to do this!

5 years ago I picked up a camera and a Mac laptop just to learn the basics of the other side of this aspect and I went farther then I could have ever imagined.

Now, I know a lot of a little bit of everything to help your artistic ideas and aspiring dreams come to life.
I have invested thousands of dollars and hours of self learning into equipment and how to use it all since I started. I now have built a studio at home for anything from my high quality photo edits, basics in graphic design, video editing, recording and producing my own music, the possibilities are endless now.

After 10 years, I am also still playing music as well which is another outlet to bring my artistic skills to the table.

I play a little bit of everything these days but right now i'm playing bass for a Post-Hardcore band from Milwaukee called American Bandit.

Our music is available on all mega streaming platforms. Giver a listen. 

My dreams have become something real and i would love to help you do the same!

My Goals


My main goal in life is to truly enjoy the fundamentals of it in everything. For me seeing the world and sharing/documenting memories is what I live for. I strive to do the best job I can with any aspect of everything that inspires me.

We live in a world of darkness where happiness is often overlooked by the negative side of life. 

Creating art not only inspires me but it fuels my happiness. Happiness I can share with my friends and clients and hopefully inspire them everyday.

Always have goals, always keep haul'n!

My Inspiration


I enjoy being in the moment. Capturing the emotion of people through out the night. Most importantly, I just love being involved.

Seeing my friends travel with their bands and making a name for themselves makes me extremely happy. It inspires me to do what I'm doing. To reach out and say "hey dude, you guy's got a photographer for this upcoming tour?" or vice versa. "Hey man, do you need any facebook art, need a show flier, need album art, a shirt mock?"

I do all of these things now! If i didn't have inspiring people around me I wouldn't be where I am today.  I wouldn't have been traveling nearly as much as I did the last 10 years between being a musician and a starving artist.

We inspire each other, that's what makes the world go around.